Pumpkin Pie Slice
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Delicious GLUTEN FREE pies made from scratch.

New!! Shortbread Pie Crust available with some pies- Gluten Free and made with real butter!

Your choice of:

  • Pumpkin Pie made is with organic pumpkin and our butter or shortbread crust.
  • Sweet Potato made with organic sweet potato on butter crust.
  • Apple Pie made with fresh apples, hand peeled on butter crust with lattice top.
  • Cherry Pie made with real cherries on butter or shortbread pie crust and crumb top.
  • Peach Pie made with real peaches on butter crust. Lattice top.
  • Coconut Cream Pie made with organic coconut on butter crust. Meringue top.
  • Banana Cream Pie made with real bananas on butter crust. Meringue top.
  • Lemon Meringue made with real hand squeezed lemon & zest. Butter Crust. Meringue top.
  • Pecan made with butter crust.
  • Crust, fillings and crumb top is all GLUTEN FREE
  • We make all our fillings from scratch. No pre-made fillings!
  • We do NOT use flax seeds
  • Homemade pie crust we make from scratch the old fashioned way
  • 9" Deep Dish
  • No artificial flavors, preservative or colors
    • Not every pie will look as pictured because we make them from scratch by hand - not a machine.
    • Local Delivery, not shippable

      Please order at least 24 hours in advance or call for availability.

      Please NOTE that Never Better Bakery is NOT a gluten free only bakery. Please be advised. Cross contamination of gluten is possible.

    Local Delivery is Available for this Product

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