Our ingredients and what makes Never Better Bakery different

I bake everything with careful thought, heart and soul and with love. I use the finest ingredients I can find and I support using local products. When I say I bake from scratch, I mean it. I use real and honest ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, eggs.. I don't "doctor" a cake mix or any other mix for that matter. I make my own using real ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter...

  • Right now, I take the orders, bake and deliver everything personally. It's hard work I'll admit, but seeing the smiles and answering compliments I get via email makes it all worth it. I do have an assistant that helps me with phone calls and delivery. She's an Army Veteran and one of my dearest friends. Also, organization and time management helps me stay on track and fulfill my orders.
  • I am delivery only though I do ship some items. We personally hand deliver your items to our local communities which helps to support those communities.
  • I do NOT use a mix, a mix as a base or in any items, nor do I use pre-made items with the exception of fondant. I do not make my own fondant at this time.
  • Everything we make is done from scratch with the exception of fondant - and I'm working on that.
  • All of my pie crusts are made from scratch.
  • All of my pie fillings are made by hand from scratch. I do NOT use can or pre-made pie fillings of any kind. You can taste the difference!
  • Frostings are made fresh from scratch with REAL butter, not shortening.
  • I use PrairieFire coffee out of Wichita, Kansas.
  • I do NOT use preservatives.
  • Everything is made FRESH to order.
  • I try to use organic and non GMO when I can. 
  • Our brown sugar is non-GMO
  • Our unbleached flour is Hudson Cream/Stafford Mills made here in Kansas.
  • Real non-GMO vanilla, real extracts and real flavor. Nothing artificial!
  • Fresh real eggs.
  • Real and natural butter. 
  • Natural local Kansas honey we get at People's Grocery. 
  • We do offer some products that are sugar-free & Gluten Free. Please note this is NOT a gluten free only facility.

I make and bake home-style, oven fresh bakery products from scratch using the finest real ingredients. An unrelenting love for baking is the other big part. My way of baking for others is how I personally bake for myself and my family and friends.