About Us

Never Better Bakery is a local, online specialty and delivery bakery founded by me, Kathryn Alvarez, in Manhattan, Kansas in October of 2012. We have always delivered to and supported our local communities by delivering awesome baked goods and donations and we support them financially because sales tax is collected for each county and city we deliver to which then goes back into that county and city.

It's a one woman owned and run bakery.

Never Better Bakery has been named one of the best bakeries in Kansas and has had their donuts featured in the Manhattan Magazine. 

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and then to San Antonio, Texas where baking and food is like air and water. I never took a formal baking course or went to culinary school. I am self taught and has been baking and cooking since I was 7 years old. With a passion for real and natural ingredients I put a lot of love into everything I do. For me, this isn't just a bakery - its my passion, my heart and soul.

Prior to this bakery, I owned "Kathy's Cakes" that was the first licensed and permitted in home bakery on Fort Riley between 2002 and 2005. I received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Command Sergeant Major and from the Installation Chaplain's Office from Fort Riley and the community as well as many other awards, coins and certificates for my service to Fort Riley and the Fort Riley community. Due to divorce, I lost everything including my bakery and my non profit supporting soldiers and their families.  To this day I still ship overseas to soldiers.  I never gave up on my dream to owning a bakery again. After raising my sons and paying off debt, surviving...I came back to it in 2012 and Never Better Bakery was born.

I'm not only the owner but a mother, grandmother, female entrepreneur, baker, decorator, delivery person... who also has physical disabilities and wants to create the finest bakery products made and as natural and wholesome as possible made with real ingredients from scratch and prove that despite hardships, I can work through limitations and become successful despite the odds. My next goal is to eventually open another store front. Don't worry - this time I will do a background check on the owner!

I believe that when a baker is happy and making others happy it becomes an extension and a way to sprinkle love around in the sweetest of ways. My commitment to customer service and the quality that stems from my morals, integrity and honesty of who I and my bakery is and what I want Never Better Bakery's brand to be based on is reflected on how it makes people happy through my bakery items. 
Kathryn Alvarez, Owner, Baker, Decorator.