Soldier Care Packages


Soldier Care Packages are items we put together that we ship to soldiers within the USA and deployed overseas. As a former military spouse of 17 years I have 13 years experience in shipping to soldiers and their families within the USA and all over the world.

Over the years we have been working towards finding ways to ship items that would stay fresh upon arrival because there are times it can take 2 weeks to arrive to a deployed soldier overseas. We now seal our cookies and have tested them to make sure they are just as fresh at 2 and 3 weeks as the day we seal them. Because we do not use preservatives or pre-made mixes - our products that we make ourselves from scratch do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors.

At this time, we only ship cookies, brownies and the items under this collection. Each box we pack contains a hand written note from us as well. We can also create custom care packages and custom gift boxes in which we can add coffee, creamer, hot chocolate packs, etc.

Locally Delivered and Shippable within the USA and Soldiers Overseas (APO, etc).

For shipping overseas please choose the Soldier Shipping Overseas option.

Items to be shipped are limited, however, all of our products can be locally delivered.

Jeau, a veteran and I have been supporting our soldiers for as long as we can remember and know that soldiers and even their family members that receive a package boosts morale.

Shipping and Local Delivery:  OPSEC is strictly enforced. The safety of our soldiers is our number 1 priority! We personally prepare, box and hand deliver packages to the USPS for shipping as well as personally delivering locally to Fort Riley and the surrounding areas.