All of our pies are made by hand from scratch. We make ALL of our fillings from scratch. We do NOT use pre-made fillings, canned fruit or pre-made pie crusts. Our pie crust is made with real butter and rolled out by hand. I actually had a pastry chef call me on the phone to tell me he purchased a pie from me and that was the best crust he had ever tasted. Wow! What a compliment!!

NEW!! Shortbread Pie Crust made with real butter! The shortbread crust is more rustic but very delicious!

Our sugar-free pies are made with Monk's Fruit or Truvia. I've been making pies from scratch since I was a teenager. This is our tradition - hand made, from scratch pies. We are very proud of our pies. Each pie is made to order.

Delivery only in Manhattan, Junction City, Fort Riley, Wamego, Chapman, Milford & Ogden. We do NOT ship our pies at this time.

    Storage: Our pies are made with all natural ingredients and without preservatives. Keep your pies in the refrigerator after purchase/delivery for up to three days.

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