Halloween Gifts and Treats

All items are custom made by hand and delivered in person.

Customization available. We encourage you to pre-order to ensure availability.

Boo Brownie
from $14.40 Boo Brownies
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Goofy Cookies
$24.00 Goofy Cookies
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Halloween Gift Box
$28.99 Halloween Cookie Gift Box
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Spooky Candy Gift Box
$34.99 Spooky Candy Gift Box
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Halloween Candy Gift Box
$29.99 Halloween Candy Gift Box
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Pumpkin Candy Tin
$18.50 Pumpkin Candy Tin
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Spooky Candy Tin
$18.50 Spooky Candy Tin
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Scary Pumpkin Candy Gift Tin
$18.50 Scary Pumpkin Candy Tin
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Spider Candy Tin
$12.99 Spider Candy Tin
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Pumpkin Candy Round Tin
$12.99 Pumpkin Candy Round Tin
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Mini Cupcakes topped with Candy Corn
from $12.00 Candy Corn Cupcakes
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Mini Mummy Cupcakes
from $12.00 Mummy Cupcakes
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