Supporting My Local Communities by Delivery and Shipping

Posted on March 01, 2017 by Kathryn Alvarez

One thing I'm really proud of is being able to support my local communities. Not just from the community I started the bakery or only the community I live in.

I started my online bakery in Manhattan, Kansas in October of 2012.  I've always been a delivery and shipping bakery. My main areas of delivery are Manhattan, Fort Riley and Junction City, Kansas. But we also deliver in between and around those areas to Chapman, Ogden, Milford, St. George, Wamego and Belvue. And we ship not only within Kansas - but nationwide and overseas to soldiers.

Delivering and shipping helps us to support these communities. Sales tax is collected based on where we deliver to and if we ship within Kansas, sales tax is collected for that area it is going to. Anything shipped outside of Kansas - there is no sales tax that is collected.

Many people don't realize that we not only want to provide a service, we want to help support our local communities and other small businesses in the process and we do that by delivering and shipping within Kansas.

The sales tax that is collected goes back into those communities. We are really proud of helping to make a difference and be supportive.

It really bothers me when I hear "oh you are based out of there and we want to support small businesses in our own community". That hurts me because people don't realize that it doesn't matter where I'm based out of - its where I deliver to that counts.

For a while now I've been on a mission to inform people that it doesn't matter where I'm at - it matters where I deliver to.

Please keep that in mind and don't discriminate a business based on where they are based out of if they deliver to your community. Helping them - helping me - helps all of us!

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