Making Luke Bryan's Birthday Cake 2014

Posted on February 28, 2017 by Kathryn Alvarez

June 2014 I received an email from Country Music Television (CMT) about a birthday cake for Luke Bryan who was coming into Manhattan, Kansas for the Country Stampede.

It feels like yesterday! Email and phone calls to get Luke Bryan a surprise birthday cake was like an awesome dream! They wanted one custom cake and then decided on a simpler cake.

I took great care into making his cake personally from start to finish. Seems like I fussed over decorating it for hours. This cake is something I really wanted to be special for him.

We delivered the cake to a hotel as instructed. No, we didn't get to see or meet him which was a bummer, but we understood.

CMT was gracious enough to send pictures for us that we could use and put the bakery's name under the credits on the CMT Country Stampede show they filmed.

What an honor it was. I really enjoyed being part of the planning and surprise. WOW!! I still can't believe I made his birthday cake!!

We did submit a press release to the local newspaper and put it out through the Manhattan Chamber but the press release and information never made it out to the public so not many people know we made his cake that year. The community really wants to keep us their best kept secret I guess.

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